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Let us care for & train your dog while you are on vacation! 

Summer Vacation Boarding 2024

During the summer of 2024 we welcome a maximum of two bitches for boarding, and only for the whole period of June 10 - Aug 2. This offer is suitable for dog owners planning to leave for a longer vacation and want the best vacation boarding for their dog. The dogs will spend the summer together with me and my dogs in our paradise cottage in Sweden. The boarding dogs need to be used to riding a car. If you are interested in one of these spots send me a mail or call me for more information. Unfortunately there is no other boarding available this year. / Warm regards, Elisabeth

Vacation boarding for dogs that are worth the extra care and training 

If you are a little bit like me you would love to take your dog with you on every vacation. But sometimes it is just not possible. So you are looking for a small scale dog boarding where you can be hundred percent sure that your fur baby is loved and perfectly cared for while you are away. What if your dog also could get trained during the vacation, and learn some of the things you have been struggling with lately? Then my exclusive vacation boarding concept could be just the right solution for you!

During the summer 2024 boarding for 2 bitches
Run by a dog training professional
Play, cuddle, rest - plus daily individual training

Zensitive Dog Boarding is like no other dog boarding. I open my heart and my home for your dog, making him/her part of my day and my own pack. Your dog will be around me the whole day, there will be play time, mental stimulation, natural training, rest, lots of attention and cuddles, and we will take three fun, nice walks daily all together. On top of all this each dog will be trained individually for 45 minutes daily or if preferred receive relaxing massage. 

Welcome to find out more about what a stay at Zensitive Dog Boarding could look like. Or come by to visit us in Utrecht to check it out! 

Elisabeth, founder Zensitive Dog Boarding & Zensitive Puppy Training

A loving second home

Zensitive Dog Boarding is situated in our big house in Langerak (Leidsche Rijn) in west Utrecht, where I live together with my husband Bart. We have a big backyard with a lawn, and the area around our house is green and dog friendly. The boarding dogs become part of our family and our own pack. The dogs are allowed everywhere in our house and will be with one of us all day, in the kitchen as well as in the living room where there will be a cozy dog cushion for everyone. When it is time to sleep I stay with the dogs, play calming music and help them find relaxation and rest.

Training and learning

The training of your dog will focus on three main areas that we together agree on. I dedicate 45 minutes per day to the training of the individual dogs, and will also pay attention to and work on the progress throughout the day in a natural way, just like I bring up and train my own dogs. There will also be a lot of natural learning for your dog, by being around me and the other dogs. Furthermore, we will bring the dogs to different places for their socialization. I work with a daily schedule that is well balanced when it comes to physical activities, mental stimulation and rest. Dogs that do not need any specific training will enjoy 45 minutes of relaxing massage daily. 

Training method and skills

My way of training dogs is based on positive reinforcement and totally force-free. I use rewards and playful games to build a behaviour. Read more on my puppy training page. Shape up your dog's skills when it comes to for example: 

Recall / coming on command
Leash walking
Sit, down, stay

What do other dog parents say?

We took help from Elisabeth for training our puppy. She is a true whisperer! We have also used her vacation care services and oh boy! Jimmy came back to be a transformed puppy. He completely stopped biting, he was very well trained and very well taken care of, all the rough edges were gone. He had so many experiences, playing with dogs, sharing a bone, fun games, playful walks. This was supplemented by tons of fun videos and pictures. We never felt aloof and anxious leaving him with Elisabeth.

Parthesh Dave, owner of Jimmy

3 small & medium dogs

The dog boarding welcomes a maximum of 3 small/medium sized bitches and castrated males. Before we decide to take on a new dog we would like to meet with you to introduce the dog to the rest of the pack to find out if the dogs like each other. Dogs, just like humans, do not always get along perfectly, and we put much attention to creating a pack where the dogs feel comfortable and safe together. The sizes of the dogs also need to be well tuned, in order to minimize the risk of injuries during play.

Meeting every dog's needs

We are such a small-scale vacation boarding that we are able to pay attention to the special needs of each dog. If your dog is less interested in playing, we will protect him/her and make sure the other dogs are not too pushy. If your fur baby is shy, we will protect and support her/him in learning to trust other dogs and spend more time with her alone as well. Our small and professional vacation boarding is a great place for socialization for dogs that are not used to spending time with other dogs. Because I am a professional dog trainer I can easily read dogs’ body language and communicate with them in a way they understand. At our vacation boarding each dog will be cared for and loved. You will also daily receive photos and videos from our adventures.

My dogs and I

I am a Swedish dog lover and entrepreneur and I have lived in Utrecht since 2010. My first dog Yatzie, a Barbet (French Waterdog), came to me in 2007. She has had a huge impact on my life. Unfortunately I had to let go of both her and her daughter Moët over the past two years. I am also a small scale breeder and author of the prize winning book "The Barbet Revealed". Over the past years I have made my passion for dogs my work, so that all that I do flows from my heart, and there is no big difference between private and professional life. At this moment my husband and I share our life with Luomi, our playful and funny little dog, born in January 2022. Together we welcome your dog into our beautiful life here in Utrecht. 

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Reviews from my work as a dog trainer

Take a look at my Google Company Page to see what my puppy training customers have to say. I hope to get the chance to care for your dog as well one day. / With love and respect for dogs and their humans, Elisabeth