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The way to a happy dog ​​that chooses to listen to you


From puppy to harmonious adult dog

Like us humans, each little puppy has its own personality. Some take matters into their own hands, others are very careful. When the puppy comes home at around 8 weeks, it is important that you get to know the special characteristics and needs of your puppy so that you can guide your puppy in the right way. This will allow the puppy to develop into a harmonious adult dog. It is my mission and passion to help you with this. Welcome to learn more about how I see the relationship between dog and human and how I work as puppy coach and dog trainer. Since I teach in both English and Dutch my training is an excellent choice for expats. During the summer 2024 I offer online training via video calls.

Elisabeth, founder and trainer Zensitive Puppy Training

A close bond - an obedient dog

I help you understand your puppy and interpret his numerous emotions expressed through his body language. It takes a fair amount of alertness to notice its subtle signals. I teach you to communicate with your dog in a playful, loving and positive way and show him what behavior you and the world around him expect, while also giving him space to express himself in his own way. Based on love and mutual respect, your dog will feel seen, understood and naturally obey you. This creates a close bond between you and your dog.

Private lessons and puppy course

I offer individual lessons or a complete puppy course based on you and your puppy's needs: potty training, learning to be alone, a stable re-call, leash walking, controlling biting behaviour, etc. I teach you how you can strengthen the relationship between you and your dog with the help of playful basic exercises.
In between the sessions I am available to answer your questions if you encounter difficult situations. We train at your home and in your neighbourhood, at times that suit you and your family. Get in touch if you want to give your puppy the best start in life.

Tailor-made training at your home

What do you need?

Because I give private lessons, every lesson is customised. After an initial meeting, I will set up a program that suits you and your dog. During the lesson I also work intuitively to find the most suitable solutions at that moment. I give you advice, homework and positive energy to get started playing and training to build a perfect bond! Children are welcome to join!

Click if you like!

I also offer clicker training for those who wish. The clicker is an unsurpassed tool for communicating efficiently with your dog and acts as a bridge between confirming desired behavior and giving the reward. This way you make fast progress! I work exclusively with positive reward-oriented training methods.

Training and costs

I offer single private lessons, a private puppy course and follow-up course for puppies and young dogs in Utrecht and surroundings. If you live further than 5 km from my location in Leidsche Rijn, I charge € 0.5/km travel allowance. Private training costs €80 per hour. A package of 6 hours costs € 450 (€75/hour, mostly 6x1 hour, double lessons are an option). Prices are incl. VAT.

Online coaching & training advice

Book an online session with me wherever you are in the world.

A perfect start: get professional advice to prepare for the arrival of your puppy
A perfect bond: decode your puppy's language and learn how to communicate clearly, with love & respect
Perfect solutions: whatever you run into during the first months with your new furry family member I will guide, support and help you find solutions to.

Your investment: €30 per 30 minutes incl VAT.

TED Walk - playful, educational walks one-on-one

During a TED Walk (Training and Education for your Dog), I'll accompany you on one of your walks with your dog and show you how you can use your daily walk to bond with your dog. Many of us lead busy lives, which leave little time to follow a separate training with the dog.

With my TED Walk training method, your dog will experience how much fun it is to be with you and to work with you. The dog will quickly focus more on you and therefore be less distracted by its environment. I give you tips and play methods that suit the specific needs and character of your dog. 

The walk lasts 45 minutes and there are several rest periods where I will show you how to help your dog find its "off button" and relax - a very important part of bringing up a dog.

A TED Walk in your area costs € 65 incl VAT excl travel allowance. 

A TED Walk can also be an efficient way to experience what it's like to work with me, and how I interact with dogs, before you decide to follow a longer training with me.

My dogs and I

I am a Swedish entrepreneur and I have lived in Utrecht since 2010. As a breeder of the Barbet (French Water Dog) and author of the prize winning book "The Barbet Revealed", I am a passionate dog lover. Communicating with dogs fascinates me. Based on my extensive experience with dogs, mindfulness and intuitive working, together with my background as a communication professional, I have developed a distinctive method to communicate with and train dogs in a playful and efficient way, where respect and love forms the basis. 

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What do the dog owners say?

I was looking for someone who could guide me in communicating better with my dog Muis. I couldn't have wished for a better coach than Elisabeth. She taught me and Muis to work with the clicker method, which has led to fantastic results. I feel like I've learned a new language that's not only easy and fun to work with, but it's also greatly enhanced our bond. Elisabeth is calm, observant and alert and works with whatever presents itself during the lesson. And not unimportant: Muis loved her!
Miek, owner of Muis

Working with Elisabeth has helped us so much with our dog Lola and I am so very grateful! She showed us various positive reinforcement techniques for training (e.g. recall), dealing with "problem behaviors" (e.g. barking, separation anxiety) and also for strengthening our bond with Lola. I enjoyed every session - and Lola absolutely adores her!

Christina, owner of Lola

We got very nice and creative tips and directions. As a result, we have started to think differently about the approach to training. Elisabeth has a lot of patience and through her enthusiastic and personal guidance we have achieved a lot. And also in the future we can continue with what we have learned on our own.

Anouk, owner of Vannie

Elisabeth looks with respect, a lot of patience and without judgment at who our puppy Bruno is and who we are. From there, she teaches us to understand Bruno better and teaches us to guide him and learn things in a relaxed way. Moreover, she always knows how to come up with a creative solution for practical challenges.

Irma, owner of Bruno

More reviews

Take a look at my Google Company Page to see what my happy customers have to say. I hope to get the chance to work with you and your dog as well one day. / With love and respect for dogs and their humans, Elisabeth